Vegemite at Manly Beach

Today was Manly Beach day. We drove out there mid-morning and stopped off for brunch before anything else.




And I decided that today was the day I would try Vegemite. It was time.


It was quite tasty actually. I mean, I’m not going to buy the country’s supply to take home with me, but it was alright.

Then we pottered on to the beach and it was lovely. Look.



Photos blurry, sorry. Anyway, it’s pretty. But while sitting on this beautiful beach, looking around, seeing everyone having fun, I realised something about myself.

I don’t like sunbathing.

God, I know! I’m sorry! I’ve tried! But I’m almost thirty and I’m not pretending anymore. Sorry. I’m not a beach girl.

I did find this lovely little rocky corner when I went off for a walk though, so I was happy. Even if I am the odd one out.


Then we barbecued some chicken and dressed some salad and it was way tasty. A game of football was next on the agenda….


…until the sky darkened and there was violent thunder and lightning so we ran inside and are currently sheltering in the front room watching the storm through the window.

8 responses to this post.

  1. hmmmm…. not a beach girl.
    it’s okay, I don’t like tea, there has to be give and take.


  2. Thanks for posting, I enjoyed reading about that.


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