Banana bread and the search for the Bourke Street Bakery

My Australian work friend had insisted that when I got to Sydney, I needed to find a place called the Bourke Street Bakery. It is marvellous, she told me, simply wonderful. Their baked goods will blow you away. Ok, I thought, I shall accept your challenge, I shall go there and I shall eat cake and it will be tasty.

On Thursday, it was time to put this plan into action. Danda and I boarded a train to Sydney, got off at Central Station and asked a policeman for directions. Elizabeth Street, ok, peel off to the right, that’s Wentworth Avenue, ok, then we’re on Crowne Street, ok, Bourke Street was a hop and a skip from there. No problem…. well, no problem until you realise that Elizabeth Street and Crowne Street and Bourke Street are all parallel to each other and are all a hundred million miles long.

After about half an hour of uphill climb, we found ourselves in the lovely Surry Hills area and decided to stop for something to eat.


Banana bread and iced coffee is something I have found myself consuming a lot of since being in Australia. Suitably victualled, we started our search again. Further and further and further on Crowne Street, we went, for another 20 minutes, until we hit William Street then headed over to Bourke Street. At a Vietnamese cafe on the corner, I asked for directions.

“It’s about 15 minutes in that direction,” said the lovely friendly woman, pointing behind her, in the direction we had come from. “It’s a nice walk through the Surry Hills area,” she said, encouragingly, seeing my forlorn expression.

“I just… we just… we already saw it. We walked the whole way past it on the parallel road.”

Despairingly, we headed over toward Hyde Park and stumbled upon the magnificent Queen Victoria Building…


…and realised that we had found our way into the heart of Sydney via the very scenic route and our search for cake.

In we went to the QVB to look around…


…and found a chocolate shop…


…which totally rocked my world, especially because of the free dark chocolate they were giving away.

We were pretty knackered after all the walking and a little sad about missing the Bourke Street Bakery but pleasantly surprised about where our walk had taken us and eventually it was time to head back. One train ride and one barbecue later, we were full and tired and happy.


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