From Richmond to Richmond

So the train that goes from Sydney to Riverstone finishes at Richmond station, which is also the last stop on the line for lots of London trains. Danda’s taxi is mostly to be found outside Richmond station, when in England, working. The temptation to pop down to Australia’s Richmond station was too strong and, eventually, we went there, just to have a look around.


The first thing we saw when we got to the town was a taxi waiting outside Richmond station! It was raining quite a bit though so I just got one more picture…


…before jumping back in the car and making our way to the nearby historic town of Windsor.

There was a lovely rustic feeling to this town, the decorated balconies reminding me of pictures I had seen of New Orleans. There was ‘old stuff’ all over the place and we loved it.




The one pub advertised it’s upcoming events…


I was only upset because we’d already missed it. Good old Adam Hole with his serious face and his massive arms, making his guitar look tiny. He should probably be tearing peices of metal apart with his bare hands and pulling trees out of the ground, rather than playing a guitar.

Anyway, Richmond and Windsor were both fabulous and all the more so because we had travelled halfway across the world from places with same names!

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  1. Our Richmond station looks a lot better doesn’t it?


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