This thing that happened

On Monday, instead of going to bake Victoria sponges and lemon drizzle cakes in The Orangery, I did this.


Not my best angle but you get the idea. And now that is what my days are filled with. That and learning Italian, but that’s for another post.

I spend my days scrutinising the people who leave empty-handed and trying to work out why. Or discussing shop layouts and stock and local produce and using fancy Star Trek-esque handheld terminals to scan things and doing my best I-totally-understand-this face while thinking lots of what-on-earth-does-that-mean thoughts.

In other news, say hello to my little niece/nephew.


Isn’t that amazing?!

Um, other news… There must be some. Er, I saw the Muppets film and it was great. I also just finished reading a book called Head Over Heel by Chris Harrison about moving to a little village in southern Italy – in the heel, hence the name. It was a fabulous book and I’m quite gutted I’ve finished it.

I really thought I’d have more news for you, given the amount of time since my last post. I clearly think I’m more interesting than I actually am….


6 responses to this post.

  1. Sounds like you’ve been busy, Laura. Congrats on the new position and the new niece/nephew!


  2. Congrats to you on both counts! 🙂 Exciting times!


  3. Bravo all the way around! Is the shop job permanent? You are a pixie!


    • Thank you! It’s an interim position for now but when they advertise the permanent position, I’ll apply. So watch this space. The pixie might well be there permanently!


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