The inside out t-shirt story

Yesterday, I set out for work, trusty rucksack on my back, an audiobook playing in my ears. About fifteen minutes into my walk, I looked down and realised that my t-shirt was on inside out. Quite obviously inside out.

I debated walking back home to change it but realised I was too lazy so I thought I’d just do it while walking.

I’m a multi-talented, multi-tasking genius, thought I. I can do this!

And so began Operation Inside Out T-shirt.

Bear in mind, I hadn’t got to the river yet so I was walking along a normal street with houses and people and cars.

I started by putting on a jumper I had brought with me but not putting my arms in. Then slowly, without letting the jumper rise up and reveal all, I managed to get my arms out of the t-shirt and push it up around my neck.

Picture the scene, girl walking along street, a rumpled up t-shirt around the neck of her jumper, which has empty arms flapping in the wind. The girl’s wrists and hands are sticking out from the bottom of the jumper holding onto a rucksack and her face is a picture of confusion.

I walked for a good minute or so this way before working out how to get my arms back into the jumper while still holding my rucksack. Why I didn’t just stop and put it down, I don’t know. But I didn’t.

Once I’d got the t-shirt off, I swapped it the right way round and put it back over my head and tucked it back inside my jumper. Now I had to work out how to get my arms out of the jumper, pull the t-shirt down underneath it and get my arms through it, still holding the rucksack and not ending up half naked in the street. I was pretty exhausted by this point but I am stubborn and was reluctant to admit the foolishness of my plan.

And so I soldiered on, hands flapping about the bottom of my jumper, clutching my rucksack, trying to put my arms through my t-shirt under my jumper.

Eventually I got the t-shirt on and the jumper off and the mission was complete. I was knackered. It took three cups of tea in work to get back to normal.

A word of advice if you find yourself in the same situation, just go back home and change it around like a sane person.

11 responses to this post.

  1. Haha! This made me laugh out loud 😀


  2. Quite the process, Laura. Congratulations on your success. 🙂 At some point did you consider walking up to the kindest-looking stranger to ask for a polite pull-down of the T-shirt?
    One day at work I went to the rest room before lunch and discovered in the mirror that I had my golf shirt on inside out.
    Nobody had told me, for hours. I imagine they thought I’d be too embarrassed by the news.
    At least I had the chance to duck into the stall and reverse it with the far more simple procedure!


    • Thankfully, there weren’t too many people walking about to see my stupidity. But then also no-one to ask for a shirt pull-down!

      Good one on the inside out golf shirt! That would’ve been pretty obvious to everyone, I imagine 🙂


  3. Posted by racheve on April 21, 2014 at 19:58

    Or change in the toilet at work?


  4. You make me laugh. I have missed you. I forgot to turn my notifications back on after vacation. I just thought everyone had stopped blogging. Der.
    There were many other options open to you for the change but I think you picked the right one.


    • I thought so. Thanks for the approval of my t-shirt changing choice. It was definitely the best way, I feel. I mean, look how well it went!

      Good to have you back. How was the vacation?


  5. Fortunately, I am a guy (bloke), so I would just take it off and turn it inside out and put it back on.


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