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Shaky legs and fabulous views

I did something, people! Something worthy of blogging. At last.

On Monday, Danda and I gave the big two fingers up to work and ran off to London instead. The destination was St.  Paul’s Cathedral, which we had intended to do on the day we went to Westminster Abbey but didn’t get time.

After paying a small fortune to get in, we wandered around looking at the ‘old stuff’. There’s quite a lot of old stuff cause the cathedral is way old.


(Despite being told not to take photos I managed to sneak a few. Don’t tell anyone.)



This photo is looking up into the dome of the cathedral and thus, the challenge was laid down.

We must climb to the top!

Off we went and halfway up is the Whispering Gallery so it seemed a good place to stop. It’s a pretty wierd set up. You get someone else to go around to the other side of the Whispering Gallery and you whisper something into the wall and somehow, crazily, the sound carries all the way around. Danda sat on the other side and whispered things like, “Stand up if you can hear me” and I did it and it was mental because I don’t understand how it works but it does!

Then it was time to get back on the stairs and head for the top and this view.


It looks greyer than it felt but it was pretty amazing. After a good look around and many failed attempts to get a nice photo of me with the view, we headed back down the teeny tiny steps in search of tea.


When we did find some tea, it was right in the crypt in the basement and is probably one of the most spectacular places I have sat to drink tea.


After our poor legs had finished shaking and the tea had sufficiently revived us, it was time to explore the rest of the crypt and who should we stumble upon but Sir Antony Van Dyck.


I love a bit of Van Dyck, probably because his painting of Charles II is one of my favourite in Ham House.

There were also memorials to Nelson and other war people but it was too dark and the photos didn’t come out.

After all this excitement, we took our tired legs to the tube station, where we were told that there was engineering works. Good old London transport. In protest, we sneaked into the toilets without paying, where I found this bit of graffiti.


So that was interesting!

We made it home eventually, via a complicated diversion, and sat down for a long time, some might say ‘napped’. But whatever.  

My legs are still a little unhappy.