The places I go every day – part 2

In the morning, when I very first wake up, I go to Buckingham Palace and hang out with the Queen. I love waking up with the Queen. She writes me letters about the Head Boy (David Cameron) and what it’s like to meet people who get all starstruck.


It’s a slightly pressured situation, spending time with the Queen, as there’s only a week until book club and I must be prepared. I will miss the Queen when I no longer spend my mornings with her but I know there will be someone new to spend time with.

After a cup of tea and getting dressed, I set off for work and, on my way, I quickly nip to Australia.


Tess, Cecilia and Rachel are at a crucial point in their lives and I love this quick visit to a small town in Northern Sydney. I go to St. Angela’s with Tess and Liam and meet Tess’s ex-boyfriend, Connor, and wonder what will happen. I still can’t believe Will and Felicity’s behaviour. Actually, it’s John-Paul’s behaviour I can’t believe.

After half an hour fully engrossed in the gang in Australia, I get to work and I’m pottering about in my little shop.

If, as I did today, I end up having dinner elsewhere, I’m often on a train or a bus or in a car for a little while after leaving work. It is at this point that I go on a whistle stop tour of the architectural world.


Earlier this evening, I spent ten minutes in the Roman world before going off to Istanbul to learn about early Christian and Byzantine buildings.

I then spent a lovely few hours with this lovely little lady…


….before heading home and off to India with Karl Pilkington.


At the moment, Karl is taking me to a wedding in India, so I can see how they do it. He’s handing out peanuts and making sure all tables have salt and pepper and he’s wondering what it’s all for. I’m enjoying seeing the proceedings but probably agreeing with him.

And then I come back to England, finish my cup of tea and go to bed, feeling well-travelled and looking forward to my morning with the Queen.

(If I’m not too tired, I’ll often make a brief stop in Italy with this rogue, right before I fall asleep.)

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  1. This made me smile.


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