Bucket list item finally ticked off

I have very few items on a bucket list when I make one. The things on there are also, usually, really easily attainable. Things like ‘walk in the park more’ or ‘take up running’. Things that I can just do any old time…. but don’t. This will always be one of my great mysteries. When they write books about me in the future, they will all say, “She could have done it, but didn’t. It’s something more puzzling than laziness. It’s purposeful not-doing-ness.” And they will name this condition of inertia after me.

So anyway, one of the things on my bucket lists is always ‘Go to a book club.’ I hear of book clubs around and I think, “O, I’ll go to that.” And then I stay at home instead. I’ve been doing this for absolutely ages. I can remember first considering going to one 11 years ago!

But then along came Hampton Court Palace and all its wonderfulness and they have a book club and I suddenly thought “I MUST DO THIS!” And I emailed to join and I got the required book and goddamn you, I read it!


Finished it this morning actually. I was quite amused by it. I thought it was a brave book, in terms of him not being afraid of dealing with potentially controversial matters. I didn’t love it but it was an interesting idea to think about what the Queen’s thinking when she sitting for hours at long boring events etc.

So I had my thoughts ready to share. Wandered to the bus stop in more than enough time. Was listening to an audiobook called The Husband’s Secret which, by the way, I’m loving. Stood at the bus stop. Got on the bus.

….and then the bus was going the wrong way!

I’d got on the wrong bus cause I was concentrating on the book instead of the bus. I jumped off and had to hotfoot it the last ten stops to Hampton Court Palace which, by the way, takes faaaar longer than you think it will. So I was ten minutes late. Dammit.

First ever book club and I was late because I let a book distract me.

Anyway, there I am, sweaty, panting and over eager. I didn’t offer that many opinions but then, somehow, we got to discussing which royal we’d most like to spend an evening with. The majority voted for Camilla but I was loud and clear in my vote for the Queen.


“Yes, well I’d need to get tips, wouldn’t I?”


“Yeh. For becoming Queen.” Obviously. 

It was at this point that I chose to reveal to the group The Queen Plan. They received this information well and were supportive, reassuring me that 29 was definitely not too old to be adopted.
So it went well overall and I’m looking forward to next month’s book club. It took me 11 years to get there but it was very enjoyable and it was here!


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  1. You didn’t list that book on my blog! Helluva a lot better than Steinbeck! I’m gonna go find it for myself.
    And well done, way to join a book club. Who are the people in the book club? It’s just held at Hampton Palace?


    • Yeh. It’s other members of Historic Royal Palaces and the books are all connected somehow to the palace by subject matter or time period.
      And trust me, while the book was amusing, it wasn’t brilliant. There’s a lot more literary merit in Steinbeck. Although I didn’t really like Of Mice And Men, even though it was raved about. Much preferred Grapes of Wrath.
      But go get a copy of the Queen book and we can discuss it in a mini book club of our own.


  2. Why not create an online book club?


    • Cause if I don’t physically have to go some place to do it, it’s very likely I just won’t!! I also enjoyed the conversational interaction of being there, which isn’t the same online.


  3. Well I guess after having waited 11 years to do it you certainly didn’t waste any time working your way up to the pinnacle did you? Joe Bloggs Book Club Richmond clearly off the radar. You went straight for the top: THE HAMPTON COURT PALACE BOOK CLUB!!! And it’s held in Hampton Court Palace. (I did check btw and Buckingham Palace don’t have seem to have one so I suppose as book clubs go you’re pretty much flying as high as you can go. I bet the vetting procedure was pretty tough to get in. Did you have to read some 1,000 page tome to demonstrate how committed you were?


    • Not even! The book we discussed was veey much a light reading thing, the type of book you’d see in WHSmiths in airports. We might be tackling a Thomas Cromwell biography next so that could be quite intense.


  4. You kill me, you really do.

    By the way, nudge nudge, my new novel is released on Monday. 😉


  5. Kudos for all the effort! I love being in a book group… it always challenges me to read more, and read things I might have skipped.


  6. Awesome! I joined a book club a few years back (yikes like 5 years ago!) it was good for a few weeks then we had to read Twilight and everyone loved it so I left, Turns out I am too much of a snob to actually discuss books with other people! Oops!


    • Haha! I’m hoping nothing too awful gets suggested at this one, given that it’s for members of Historic Royal Palaces and so the books generally tend to have some link to history or royalty, both of which I like. Fingers crossed, Twilight doesn’t get a look in!


  7. 10 min? That’s fashionably late in the US, though I prefer 5 minutes early.


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