Airports are weird places

Airports are strange. The air in an airport is thick with emotion. Especially if you’re just dropping someone off then returning home.

Home seems strange after being in an airport. Unsatisfactory. It’s like you’ve given the carefree run-away-to-another-country part of yourself an airing, yet not been able to indulge the feelings. And everything mundane and day-to-day seems unbearable.

I can’t bear the idea of going to work tomorrow. It seems so…. stationary.

Yet an hour ago, I wasn’t even considering how I felt about work tomorrow. I was just going to go there.

Everything is different for a while when you’ve been in an airport.

A little part of you remembers the time you got on a plane when you were 18 and moved to Africa. It also remembers the times you donned a backpack and flew off to South East Asia for six weeks of carefree abandon. It remembers the surprise trip you planned to Rome, the long weekend in Morocco, the time you flew to China to trek the Great Wall. And it remembers the time you flew to Texas to say goodbye.

That part of you is different, it’s excited and interested. And interesting. The part of you that gets on the plane is a more interesting version of the you that goes to work.

I guess airports are wierd because people are in the process of becoming that more interesting version of themselves. And you are not. You are watching them. And then you are going back home.

All I will have when I get home is the memory of a lovely visit and the less interesting version of myself.

3 responses to this post.

  1. This is an interesting take. Getting ready to take my mother to the airport and I was able to relate to your view.


  2. You have been much more productive with airports than I have!


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