Sneaky post-workout Blue Plaque run

Good morning everyone! I have very little to report but as every plaque counts, I’m going to blog it anyway. I also covered barely any ground running to this one but here it is.

Alarm went off at 5.20am and I was on a tube by 5.45am heading to Piccadilly for a workout with the Project Awesome gang. With my Blue Plaque book in my hand (as it seems to always be these days!), I knew there must be one close enough to the workout to sneak in somehow. Obviously there was so after 45 minutes of squatting, burpeeing and running stairs, off I ran to find a pub on Panton Street….


See that circle in the top right corner? Immediately to the left of the railing? Yep, that’s the best I could do unfortunately. My phone apparently cannot zoom when it is in forward-facing mode. Ridiculous. So I couldn’t do any better than that, sorry.

Anyway, the plaque commemorates Tom Cribb (1781 – 1848), a bare knuckle boxer who beat Tom Molyneux (the best American boxer at the time) twice and would often go for up to 76 bouts when fighting. After his retirement from boxing, he ran the pub on which this plaque is fixed, for many years. The pub, simply named Tom Cribb, was not open when I got there so my plan to go in at 7.30am and get smashed in his honour was ruined…..

Never mind. Off to work it is, then.




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  1. Apparently, the “early to rise” thing doesn’t count for alcohol!


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