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The time I met Danda at the airport

A little while ago, Danda jetted off into the sun for some Portugal-based fun. I was supposed to be away at the same time but due to some nonsense rules in Texas prisons, I had to postpone it. So I was here and Danda went and had beach fun with family.

On the day Danda was due home, his flight was getting in at 23.15. I left the house at about 10pm and, anticipating boredom, took a Narnia book with me, Prince Caspian to be exact. Now Prince Caspian is a pretty good book, not very like the film apart from the basic story. There is no romance between Caspian and Susan and no rivalry between Caspian and Peter.

Anyway, there I was, on one train then the next, head in my book, wondering if Prince Caspian would beat Miraz and would Aslan come back and help by waking up the trees. There was a lot going on, you know?!

I got to Gatwick and took the shuttle from the South Terminal to the North, head in my book. I got to the North Terminal and looked on the arrivals screen. Danda’s plane had landed and the baggage was in the baggage hall. He’d be about fifteen minutes yet. I might as well chill for a few minutes.

There was a Costa coffee next to a doorway and a sign saying ‘UK arrivals’ above it. Well, I thought, he is arriving and we are in the UK. That must be where he’s coming out. I grabbed a bottle of water, sat within view of the doorway and got reading.

Then Danda called.

“Hi, have you landed?”

“Yeh, where are you?” Danda asked.

Now I’m a girl who loves doing surprises. I love them! I think that’s why I love Hide and Seek so much. And that’s why I said, “Just reading on the sofa.”

“Ok, I’ve just come out so I’ll be ages yet.”

O, he’s only just come off the plane so he’ll be a little while yet, I thought, whilst burying my head in my book again. Still, no-one had come out of the gate I was sitting by, which I thought was a bit wierd. I gave it another ten minutes, then thought something was up. I got up and walked to the arrivals screen and suddenly saw it… The international arrivals gate….

Ah, UK arrivals meant arrivals from other flights within the UK… Not just that we are in the UK. Of course we’re in the bloody UK. As if they would have specified where we are!? Hmm… Top dunce points to Laura.

So I needed to be at the international arrivals gate, not the UK arrivals gate… To be fair, they’re not that far apart so it’s not like I was miles away but I was all taken up with Prince Caspian so I was oblivious to it all.

I stood outside the international arrivals gate for a minute but felt something was wrong. There was no-one coming out. I had to give up my surprise fun and just call Danda…

“Danda, where are you?”

“I’m just on the bus to the car park to pick up the taxi. Why?”

“I’m standing at the international arrivals gate….”

“No! At Gatwick? You’re there?”

“Yes, I came to surprise you but I’ve missed you.”

“O no! Let me get the taxi and come back for you. Where exactly are you stand….. beeeeeeeep.

His phone died. I called back. Nothing. Just the answerphone. Again and again. Eventually I just had to go out to the road and hang about, hoping he would be able to find me.

So for ten minutes, I stood there, in front Gatwick airport, stranded and unsure whether I’d be picked up.

That’s right, I came to meet Danda at the airport and I ended up stranded, waiting for Danda to pick me up.

Well done, Laura. Well done.

*He found me quite easily and I invented a cover story about having just been at the toilet when he came out the gate. It made me sound less stupid.


I haven’t got one solid post idea in my mind. I’ve kind of got a few little ones all competing for attention in my head. So today, readers, in no particular order, I would like to welcome you to…. My Ramblings.

1. My friend, Naomi, and I have concluded that the only way to travel the world as much as we’d like to and eat lovely food all the time and not have to think about rent or bills, is to have a huge cash injection all at once. (We’re geniuses, right? No-one has ever thought of this before.) To this end, we have bought two lottery tickets for tomorrow. (I’ve never bought a lottery ticket before.) The prize is £80 million. We’re pretty sure we’ll win. We’re splitting the money between us and buying a load of houses to start with. Watch this space.

2. I was asked to guest post for a blog yesterday. I’m pretty excited and will be starting on it this morning.

3. We’re having a friend over for dinner tonight. I’m planning on making some kind of Italian duck and olive stew thing.

4. Yaya and his little sister are on holiday at the moment. They went to an aquapark place and did loads of fun things. When getting photos as memoirs, Yaya was totally loving it.


Yaya’s little sister, on the other hand, will not be told what to do! She is not a performing monkey and will not smile on request. And don’t we know it.


Check out the handbag though. She is the picture of moody-cool.

5. I’ve eaten out a lot lately. I’m not sure why. It just keeps happening. Yesterday, I had a kind of mezze board thing with a friend and the babaganoush thing and the houmous were both fabulous.

6. At Ham House yesterday, I made some flavoured marzipan things, with ground ginger, rosewater and sherry in them. As it was a weekday and a bit quieter than usual, I kept eating the tasters and ended up having a massive sugar rush, from which I then crashed hardcore and was yawning away by 3pm!

7. I went to meet a friend at the airport last night. I hasn’t told him and was intending for it to be a surprise. By the time I had been waiting for about 45 minutes, I knew something was up so I called him and, sure enough, he’d come out, got the bus to the car park, picked up his car and was ready to start driving home. I don’t know how he got past me but I ended up stranded at the arrivals section as I’d only bought a one way train ticket to the airport and he had to drive back to the airport to get me! So that went well.

And that, readers, is today’s non-post. I am blaming the fact that I am lazy for this shoddiness.