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S is for…



I had a real thing against those summer dresses you had to wear for school. You know, the blue and white checked ones. You could get yellow and white, pink and white, green and white…. Loads. And I didn’t like any of them.

I think one had been bought for me, a blue and white one, and I hadn’t worn it yet. Obviously, my parents were annoyed that wouldn’t wear it and one evening my mum was saying that I had to wear it the next day to school.

I objected but she wasn’t budging. So the next morning I devised a plan. I agreed to wear the dress and put it on. I hated it.  I was only about 9 years old, I don’t know what the problem was. Anyway, I put the dress on.

In a little bag, I put my favourite white polo shirt and navy blue skirt, the winter uniform that I preferred. When everyone was busy doing other things I went into the back room, opened the window and dropped the bag into the back garden.

When it was time to leave, I pretended to be fine about having to wear the summer dress and left the house, closing the front door behind me. Then I quickly went around to the back garden, got my tshirt and skirt from my bag and changed out of my hated summer dress.

As I left the garden to walk around the house again and off to school, my Mum walked toward me! She’d looked out of the front window and couldn’t see me so figured something was going on. Shocked at being caught, I ran around her and sped off down the road to school and spent the day in fear of the repurcussions. I had planned to change back into the summer dress at the end of school and arrive home in it, keeping up the pretence. I don’t think I bothered after being caught.

To conclude, I don’t remember being asked to wear the summer dress ever again.