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Things I will never do

Say ‘cap’ instead of cappuccino.

Eat celeriac.

Learn how to apply eye liner.

Read a book by Dan Brown.

Wear matching pyjama top and bottoms.

Understand machinery.

Eat ox tongue.

Say ‘barth’ and ‘parth’ and ‘grarss’ instead of bath and path and grass.

Wish there were more adverts on TV.

See a child and wish I had one.

Eat jellied eels.

Look back on my law degree with fond memories.

Become a cowboy film fan.

Mistake truffle butter for some kind of cream cheese and spread it on toast (as a friend did recently, which deeply offended me).

Think about Marmite with any level of excitement.

Watch the shopping channel on TV. Not even when they’re doing the kitchen appliances show.

Drink tomato juice.