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Thank you… Thank you very much

Well, this is nice. There are more awards going on here at The Adventures of Danda and Yaya. Which is always good. Let it be noted that I never turn my nose up at an award. Are you all listening? This award is given courtesy of Jane’s Journal, a fairly new blog on the scene. Definitely take the time to check it out. And the award is one I’ve not been given before so it’s very exciting. It’s the Shine On award.

And the rules are as follows:
1. Display the award logo on your blog.

2. Link back to the person who nominated you.

3. State 7 things about yourself.

4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them.

Ok, seven things about myself. Here goes:

1. This evening I watched World War Z and I liked it a lot. I was very nervous for a lot of it. But good nervous. You know?

2. I came THIRD in the pub quiz the other night. Third. Shoddy.

3. I’m at the point in my blogging career where I blog about my attendance at the weekly pub quiz. Shoddy.

4. Sometimes, when I do blogs with loads of photos in, it means I’m having a lazy day. So now you all know.

5. Tonight I forgot about dinner so I ate a massive cookie and a little pit of jelly. Both were homemade. Does that make it any better? The jelly I made completely from scratch, stewed down some cherries and blueberries and everything.

6. In the pub, during the pub quiz, there was the best bulldog I’ve ever seen. He was immense.

7. My surname spelt backwards says Yes I Am. I know I’ve mentioned that before but you can never say it too many times.

And now my nominations. I mat not get to 15. Let’s see how it goes:

1. Misc. Maggie – because she’s wonderful and talked me through a rough time recently. Thank you xx

2. The Waiting – just get over there and check her out, she rocks my world.

3. Biancalovefoodlovefashion – what’s not to love here? Fashion advice for the unfashionable (me) and foodie pics.

4. Champagne and Dhokla – this blogger is brand new on the scene and has but one (fabulous) post to her name so far. Let’s show her a bit of blogging love and pay her a visit.

5. Alex Jones – lovely, honest, inspiring blogging with a bit of running up hills at the crack of dawn to share the sunrise with us.

6. KindredSpirit23 – a man who has come a long way from a difficult time a few years ago and has a few published stories to his name.

7. Miss Apis Mellifera – come on, everyone, you knew this was coming. The beekeeper in me had to nominate this blog.

8. Ordinary Lisa – good honest blogging and summer of fun that I am looking forward to reading.

9. Tokyobling – fabulous photos of Japanese life and lots of learning to be done.

10. (un)certainties – these two lovely Colombia-based people will be far too busy to pass on this award but their travels and experiments are great to read so head over and check them out.

11. Under The Skies of Arkansas – beautiful pictures of a beautiful countryside

12. Outside Air – recent trip to Italy won it for me, even before the vegetable patch in her new house and the honesty of remembering that no-one’s life is perfect, even if it seems it in the blogging world.

13. The Usual Bliss – her patio, her patio is what has gained her this nomination. Her patio is a patio to be envied. I have patio envy.

14. The Better Man Projects – lovely quotes that pick me up when I feel bored with things/defeated.

15. Campari and Sofa – well, they hosted me on their fantastic blog earlier this week. So obviously they’re in my list…..!

Ok all, go out into the world. Be fruitful and read many of the blogs mentioned. Let’s have a bit of a blog love-in.

Again? O, ok, let’s do it. Another award….

I had a plan for today’s blog. A plan which promised greatness and fabulousness and all the things you all love best about my blog…. I was going to get a copy of Chat and do a write up for you. But something insane happened. I couldn’t find one anywhere! So I’ll have to go to some different shops tomorrow. Sorry to disappoint you all.

In the meantime, I was nominated for an award so I’ll get on with that.

The rules:
-State 10 random facts about yourself.
-Answer the questions given to you by the blogger who has tagged you for the award.
-Tag more people.
-Give them 11 questions to answer.

Ok, 10 random facts, here goes…
1. I once had an odd fixation on blueberry flavour Nutri Grain bars
2. I love cereal/fruity/nutty bars. Love them.
3. I was so totally in love with Jesse from the film Free Willy when I was younger.
4. I once asked for a monkey for my birthday and was super annoyed when I was told no.
5. I have read everything Enid Blyton has ever written.
6. I did my undergraduate degree at the university where Enid Blyton studied.
7. I’ve never seen the film, Fame.
8. I don’t really like the film Bugsy Malone. I’m sorry.
9. I have degraded myself by starting to drink decaf coffee, after spending so long attempting to develop a proper coffee habit. I’m ashamed and sorry.
10. If you spell my surname backwards, it says Yes I Am…. Maisey…. Yes I Am…. Maisey…. See?

Here are the questions asked me by Momina, the fabulous blogger who nominated me (thanks loads, by the way).

1- Who is the last person you usually think about before going to sleep?

2- Something you do alone, but wouldn’t do in front of others.
Throw my head around a bit dramatically when playing piano.

3- Do you have any strange phobias?
I’m not keen on tin foil. I used to get terribly embarrassed if I opened my lunchbox at school and my sandwiches were wrapped in tin foil.

4- One Favorite Novel that you’d like to recommend people to read and why.
Definitely F. Scott Fitzgerald. But which one? Tender Is The Night. Or The Beautiful And Damned. Actually let’s go with Tender Is The Night. Fitzgerald’s ability to write characters is amazing. The minute details of how relationships work, how interactions and people become complicated and intertwined. Everything about life gains a beautifully tragic edge when I am reading Fitzgerald. Reading him makes me want to write, makes me want to be grand, makes me want to have fantastic unachievable dreams.

5- Do you take the shampoo and conditioner bottles from hotels? 😛
Yup. Still got everything from the room in the Savoy. The headed paper. The sugar packs. The soap. The shower cap. Everything.

6- Do you use Post-Its?

7-If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
Right here in my house. On my road. On this lovely hill near my favourite park. With my lovely friends and neighbours. 

8-What inspires you?
Life. Nature. Richmond Park. People. Silly things we do and say.

9- Would you go bungee jumping or sky diving?
Done both. Bungee jumping more scary.

10- Do you ever count your steps when you walk?
When I was trekking the Great Wall in China and I was trying to learn some Mandarin, I counted my steps aloud from one to ten over and over to learn. That was eight years ago and I still can count to ten in Mandarin now!

11- Have you ever danced without music?
All the time. Honestly. All. The. Time.

Ok, now to tag some more people. As opposed to tagging them actually, I’m just going to highlight some new bloggers on the scene that I’d like some attention to go to because they are fab.


It’s up to you guys if you want to answer the questions or not. No pressure.

1. Why do you blog?
2. How do you feel about chilli chocolate?
3. Tea or coffee?
4. Next holiday destination….?
5. Am I invited?
6. Delia Smith or Nigella Lawson?
7. Do you mind that Nigella Lawson is essentially soft porn?
8. What are you getting me for my birthday?
9. My computer has stopped letting me print things. Why is this?
10. How do you feel about Starbucks?
11. I don’t really like orange juice. Do you think this could create a problem for our friendship?

K is for…


(I’m handing you over to our guest blogger again today, enjoy!)

This week’s ramble is about KNOWLEDGE. What is it? Where does it come from? How do we acquire it? And, more worryingly, can it be dangerous?

You’ve heard people say someone is “the fount of all knowledge” but I prefer the opposite view. Check out the last two lines of the Francis Duggan poem You Are Not A Fountain Of Knowledge (2008):

“We could live for a million years or longer instead of eight decades or so
And about the great World all around us we would still have much to learn and know.”

Is knowledge simply facts that are “out there” waiting to be discovered by you and me? For example if I wrote the word “quidnunc” would you say, “What’s he on about? What now?” (You certainly could because the word is made up from two Latin words quid & nunc, meaning – what & now!) In English, the word means a gossipmonger or busybody. It was “also used to describe a person who pretended to know everything” (A Dictionary of Trades, Titles & Occupations, Colin Waters, 2002). Is it in everyday use now? Definitely not. Are you going to remember it? Probably not. Has your knowledge, at least temporarily, been increased/improved by knowing this fact? Possibly.

Or is knowledge only what you, as an individual, retain in your memory? In other words it exists only while you remember it. Is there a “general knowledge” out there somewhere waiting for you to discover & learn it? Or is there really only “personal knowledge”? Do you see the problem? Knowledge, the dictionaries say, is “that which is known”. Note, NOT “that which can be known.” A fact can be “out there” waiting to be known, as many pioneering scientists & explorers will tell us. Once discovered, the fact can then become part of your/my “knowledge” but only if we take it in and remember it.

So, can knowledge really be dangerous? It certainly can if it’s about sensitive issues: political, personal, medical, relational etc.

However I’d like to suggest another area where it can be dangerous……. memory. How so? Well if you think about it, from a certain age all of our brains and memory banks stop growing and then begin to decay, to lose cells. We reach a finite maximum number of cells which then begins to decline. As time goes on this loss becomes more and more evident in a person’s ability to remember stuff and to function as they used to. It’s a process called “growing old” and something most of us, should we survive, will have to go through at some point.

What happens can be demonstrated by using the analogy of an empty glass being filled with water. Imagine your memory cells being represented by the water and it being poured into the glass until it reaches the rim of the glass (i.e. like the brain, up to the age at which it reaches its maximum number of cells). If you then need to remember something more what happens? You pour in some more water and, in a perfect experiment, there will be an overflow of exactly the amount you poured in. Which water overflows? The stuff right at the top! The water at the bottom (the older memories) stays where it is. (Incidentally that’s why, I believe, 80-90 year old people can remember their first day at school but not necessarily what they did last week or even yesterday. The new memories for today have displaced other recent memories which were at the top of the glass.)

Now can you see the danger? In order to increase your knowledge, in a particular area, you will have to lose some other knowledge. I don’t want to put you off “learning” but the difficulty, of course, is that you don’t have a choice which knowledge the brain ditches in order to make room for the new stuff. That’s why you need to think very carefully about what you remember! There is no deleted file or Recycle Bin, with your memories in, which you can choose to “Restore”. When they’re gone, they’re gone! Scary, eh!

So then, has your knowledge, actually about knowledge itself, been increased by reading this? And I wonder what knowledge you’ve lost in order to remember this. NOW, if you can, without looking back, tell me what “quidnunc” means!