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The thing with names

As a person who’s always thinking about words and how they sound, I quite naturally think about how names sound together.

Let’s say there’s a couple and they’ve got quite rhymey names, like John and Jean, or something. I’m not too keen but it’s kind of ok. It’s when they start having children that’s the problem. The first child they call James, so that’s ok, he’s also rhymey. John, Jean, James. So they’ve got a nice little cutesy family unit, all beginning with J. Then they have another child and call him Colin. No! No, you can’t do that! By the divine laws of naming, you’re not allowed! Because now Colin is total reject. It’s like you’ve said to him, ‘We’re all best friends and really close and a great little family with our J names and you, you’re the extra, you don’t fit in, Colin.’

I know a family who the father and mother are ‘G’ and ‘O’ and the child is ‘O’. So their names are GOO. And the dad is a bit out of things cause he’s the G. This family’s names upset me.

In my family, we’ve all got different first letters and different last letters. So that’s fine. If all the family have the same sound at the end, apart from one, it’s a bit mean, but not as bad. Like Hannah, Sarah, Gemma… and Bob.

Also if just two people in the family have the same letter, I feel it creates a closer relationship between them, to the exclusion of everyone else. So if there’s a Jane, Bill, Emma and Julie. Jane and Julie are a bit closer to each other than in their relationships with the others, because of their name closeness.

That’s mental isn’t it? Is this the ramblings of a demented woman with word-OCD? I realise that obviously, people’s relationships aren’t based on the matchiness (yes, that’s right, matchiness) of their names, but I can’t help noticing it and thinking about it!

Ok, I think today I’m coming across like a psychopath. Hmm. Will try to appear more normal again tomorrow.