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Danda and the chicken leg

A few years ago, Danda was living alone and he was eating how men eat when they live alone. He’d freeze things for emergencies – a ready made meal, a bit of meat, some peas (every freezer needs some peas, even if you never touch them), etc etc. You get the idea.

On the day in question, he was rooting through the freezer to see what emergency supplies he had. He found a lone chicken leg. It wasn’t in a packet or anything. He wasn’t sure how long it had been there. So he decided to throw it away. It was a Thursday and the bins wouldn’t be collected until Tuesday so he didn’t want to put it in the bin because it would defrost and then attract flies and the whole thing would be very unpleasant.

Hmm, thought Danda. What shall I do with the chicken leg? Oo! The foxes might like it.

As there are foxes around, he thought they might like a little nibble on a chicken leg.

The gardens of the houses in the two parallel roads back onto each other, so that the bottom of one garden meets the bottom of the other. The garden behind was always a wilderness of overgrown weeds and grasses. These overgrown weeds were also all over the fence dividing the two gardens so that you couldn’t even see into the next garden unless you went to an upstairs bedroom and could see a bit more.

Danda thought the foxes probably roam around in there all the time. Certainly no humans are wandering around in there, it’s too overgrown.

And so Danda, in his ultimate wisdom, with his plan in place, approached the bottom of the garden, frozen chicken leg in hand, and threw it quite hard over the weed covered fence and into the next garden.


Danda ducked and ran inside, hiding behind the back door and trying to work out what the noise was. Could it have been someone breaking into one of the houses? Someone throwing something at him? A domestic got out of control and a couple throwing each other’s stuff out of the bedroom window?

Puzzled, he climbed the stairs to look out of the back window and try to work out what was going on.

And that’s when he saw it.

The people who owned the garden behind had obviously tired of the wilderness nature of their garden and decided to smarten it up. Some of the long grasses had been cleared and they had even erected a brand new swanky-looking garden shed.

A garden shed with a chicken-leg-shaped hole in one of the lovely new glass windows…..