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Mystic Maisey

The other night, something quite strange and potentially supernatural happened. My first thought was, “I could write about it for Chat magazine.” Obviously. So here is the article I am planning on sending them. I thought it could be called Mystic Maisey, just because it sounds good, although the story is not about me being being mystic at all…. O well.

Mystic Maisey

Ever since I was a child, I’ve always felt that I was destined for great things. I was very aware of other possible realms and wanted to investigate the potential for supernatural activity. Once, when I was eight, my tooth fell out and when I put it under my pillow, it turned into a 50p. For me, this was proof that there were other beings sharing planet Earth with us.

Back in November 2012, I was watching television with my fellow mystic, Divining Danda. There was a sound from the kitchen that neither of us could work out. It may well have been the surround sound as one of the speakers is next to the living room door. But Danda decided to check it out anyway. He got up walked to the kitchen and stopped.

“Laura,” he called. “Come here a minute.”

I got up and went to see what was happening. At the far end of the kitchen is a light switch that you work by pulling a string. On the end of the string is a pen shaped like a golf club.


There is nothing which touches this switch and pen except the door to the garden. Neither of us had been in the kitchen or opened the door. Yet, as I looked, the pen was swinging vigorously from side to side….

And that’s when I knew it. They were hungry. There were ghosts in our kitchen and they were hungry. So occasionally, I leave out a lettuce leaf or some bread. It hasn’t been touched yet but I know they are there and they are hungry. I sensed it when I saw the pen swinging.

For now, I just hope my hungry ghosts don’t do anything more than that! If they start raiding the fridge, I’ll have to get the Ghostbusters in!

… what do you think? Worthy of Chat magazine? The standards are quite high so I just hope they’ll accept my story…..