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Search terms 8

Ah, the wierd and wonderful world of search terms. George Michael continues to be a popular theme, as does Kingston University, although for very different reasons…

the stiles woolton liverpool past
polpo cookbook pork meatballs
joni mitchell anorexia
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beechams is keeping me awake

Search terms 7

You can never have too many of these posts, I feel. The wierd and wonderful world of search terms never fails to keep me entertained.

I’m especially glad that the person searching for PJ and Duncan arrived here, less so about the person looking up a certain type of person from Cockermouth….

woolton quarry tunnel entrance
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Search terms 6

This always gives me a huge amount of pleasure, checking my search terms for the past month. We’ve got a repeat of a certain bestiality-esque search and something which I’m not sure I want to know the story behind… Something about a grandad… A grandad and their gender…. There are also a few interesting welly searches that have ended up here.

liverpool “mill stile” footpath
inside 251 menlove avenue
george michael grove road highgate
laura maisey law
woolton reservoir
wellies naked
skytrain at the o2 arena
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the hamlyn all colour cookbook by mary berry
dinosaur tattoo


I’m on the move this morning, off to visit my favourite 5-year-old and her little sister so I don’t have time to write anything properly. Instead I’m going to do something I’ve been thinking about for a while. I really love taking photographs of paths leading off into the distance. I’m not sure why. I think it’s because of the potential for adventure, the invitation to explore an unknown world. I’ve taken tons of them so I thought I’d share a few.


At the start of a hiking trail in St Leonard du Bois in France.


At a lake in Northern France.


At Boxhill, Surrey.


On the Thames Path, near Ham


Next to the river, Ham.


On a little path I found when exploring the riverside around Richmond.

The path down to the river, from near Richmond Park.


Walking to Twickenham.


In a friend’s back garden in Norfolk.


Finding more hidden pathways next to the river, Teddington.


A path cut into the edge of a rock in Portugal.


On a walk near Gomshall, Surrey.


Amongst the ferns in Richmond Park.


In Highgate Woods, north London.


Corridors under the floor of the Colluseum, Rome.


On Tooting Common, south London.


In between houses in Kew, West London.

Search terms 4

It’s been a while and yesterday I saw ‘evil flab man’ come up so I knew it was time for one of these. I also really love that famous poet Cloreidge, he was good, hey?

is revising in pyjamas ok
du cane court mummified baby
first hot yoga class
i’ve lost my passport and i am unable to travel
wet myself in ballet class
im falling for my trainer
defrosted freezer door now hissing
“alex jones” “truffles”
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how do i withdraw from my first challenge
men stupid face
highgate jb priestley
evil flab man
the flask cloreidge
the girl said to me
goji berries muffins
ode to my tooth

Search terms 3

Ok, it’s the third installment of the Search Terms posts. In this one, we have your average search about Highgate or Kingston Uni or what to do with bingo wings. But then right at the bottom, a strange Donald Duck search, which must have lead to disappointment when Google sent them to me….

dairylea triangles music
“ici logo”/ “wavy lines”
things to remember while swimming
deaflympics in brazil 2016
are you going to scarborough fair?
upstairs downstairs
robinson helicopter garage
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once i’ve finished i dont like them
the song remind me of the good time
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inspirational quotes about new adventures
laura maisey
gold leaf wedding cake disaster
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through on my mind right now
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i don’t want to finish reading my book
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what is the background laughter in parties
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which road in highgate does george michael live on
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my feeling about olympics
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a memo in a polite way to my lazy dog
kingston uni pgce interview
donald duck girls big tits

Search terms 2

I’ve had a few interesting search terms recently so thought I’d do a second part to my previous Search Terms post. The last search term in this list worries me a bit, although I am pleased that people are stopping here to learn about social etiquette….

highgate bookshop roof
book maze festival hall lego
my first bikram
london eye chairoplane
“unspoken rules if social etiquette”
first bikram class
yoga “notify me”
first hot yoga class
i ve made my first wedding cake
cows for brides
evil peppa pig
lasy son resit university
portmanteau words sandwich
gary barlow neighbour
bikram tickling legs
i can be a worst manager
is big mag cow or pig
all embracing naked photos on olympics
yggdrasil afghan for sale
preschool watermelon temple
renegade squats
sun glasses one direction in eygpt
national estimayed costs bird droppings
the emptiest swimming pool in sf
sexy peppa pig

As a P.S., I’ve tried checking whether big mag is a cow or a pig but the truth is, I may never know….

Getting Excited, Being Sporty and Being Friendlier, all in one day!

Yesterday I went to watch the Olympic men’s 50k walking race. This encompassed the three things I’ve been making concerted efforts to do since my liberation from exams.


It covered Getting Excited About Stuff. In fact, I think I might have been the most excited person there. Or maybe just the most supportive. Certain people would always get a cheer when they went past – the leading group of about ten walkers, the British guy and, since I found myself in the middle of the Irish contingent, the Irish guys. A group of Japanese supporters opposite cheered the Japanese competitors. Finland had a following who would cheer for their competitor. But there were about 60 people in the race. So that’s a lot of people not being cheered. I took up the cause on this one and clapped and wooped and bashed on the railing thingy to show support for e.g. the lone very tall Polish guy who would often be adjusting his shorts awkwardly as he passed so I was unsure whether to clap or leave him in silence to readjust, the extremely hairy Norwegian competitor whose shoulders looked like they were covered in carpet, the two Ukrainians who shared their water bottles every time they got one and the Latvian in a little crop top who stuck with them the whole time, the Portuguese guy who looked determined, if a little grumpy.


All these people would pass by unnoticed by the crowd or, if noticed, not cheered. So I clapped extra hard for these people, risking serious hand injury. In my mind, they felt a bit deserted, unloved, appreciated the sound of someone supporting them. In actual fact, they were probably just thinking, omygoodness I’m so hot and thirsty, I really want to win, I wonder if I’ll catch up.

I got there bright and early, in my excitement, and found a spot at the front. It was a 1km stretch that they walked up and down to complete one lap of 2km. As the walk was 50km, they did 25 laps of the course. As they started to spread out, there was constantly someone passing by to watch so it kept the excitement levels high. And my hands constantly in action!


Being at this event also kind of covered Being Sporty because it was the Olympics. So although I was not active myself, I was involved in a sporting event, sort of. Would you say that counts as being sporty? I would.

It also covered Being Friendly, as I was alone in a big crowd and so ended up chatting to loads of people. I had a fascinating discussion with one man about women being tested for testosterone levels to check if they’re too ‘manly’ to be allowed to compete. We wondered whether the men ever have to get tested for oestragen levels to check if they’re too ‘girly’.

Later I came home and finished a book. This is a big deal. I’ll tell you why.

Now that I’ve got Getting Excited, Being Sporty and Being Friendlier sorted, I need a new thing to try and I thought I might try Finishing All The Books I’m In The Middle Of. My main problem is that if I feel like reading, I want to read right now. I don’t want to go and dig around finding the book I was last reading. That might involve going all the way upstairs to my bedside table. I want one now, here, on the couch, downstairs. So I pick up a different book and start it. So I have a few real books I’m reading, two or three on my Kindle app on my phone, one on my actual Kindle and one on I need to streamline. Finish off all the ones I’m in the middle of and just have one or two.

This may be the hardest challenge yet. I have books I’ve been reading for over a year (The Innocent Man by John Grisham), some that I’m reluctant to finish because I love (the complete short stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald), some that I keep losing (one about the history of Highgate in old photos) and some that I’ve forgotten the storyline of so will involve major backtracking (Black Mamba Boy by Nadifa Mohamed).

This one may take a while. Wish me luck!

Revisiting North London

Archway and Crouch End are a stone’s throw from Highgate so I decided on Tuesday that a) it was time to pay back the kindly residents of Highgate the money I owed them b) that I’d like to be back in that part of London again as it was so lovely.


These areas have been described as Highgate and Hampstead’s ‘poor relation’ but I shunned this as posh nonsense. People looking down their noses at the lowly, slightly rougher areas on the other side of Archway Road. But there were ancient woods and spooky pools and interesting history to get my teeth into. So I set off, snacks in bag, swimsuit and towel under arm, to revisit North London. I couldn’t wait.


It started well. I left Archway tube station and headed straight up Archway Road to Archway Bridge, otherwise known as Suicide Bridge. It has been known as various things over the years, including the Bridge of Sighs (presumably for the same reason).


As I headed under the bridge and up the high street, lots of things were closed or a bit falling-down-y. One church looked a bit out of place, like the Pope had decreed that it must be built to look a bit like a cool casino, to try and attract more people, by convincing them it wasn’t really a church. I expect just inside the door, there were huge plastic palm trees. I didn’t look though.


I kept going and reached an amazing looking book store called Ripping Yarns, that I didn’t trust myself to go in. There was also a hairdressers called E. Scissorhands, which I thought was quite cool. It was around this time that I received a text message from BBC News. It said that the UK had won a gold in the men’s triathlon…. NO! NO THEY DIDN’T! NO! BECAUSE SOMEONE TOLD ME IT’S TOMORROW! I had planned to go tomorrow to watch it. If I had known I definitely DEFINITELY would have gone. Instead I was in stinky Archway, looking at closed down shops and odd churches. Damn! Damn it. I hate Archway. I hate the Lympits (as my cousin’s son, Theo, calls it). I can’t believe the Lympits let me down by being on the wrong day.

Ok, calm down, Laura. Stop freaking out. It’s not the Lympits fault. It’s yours, for not double checking what someone told you. Archway is lovely. Stop acting like a child. And stop stamping your feet and shaking your fists in the air. You’re in public. Calm down….

After I had regained my composure, I searched online and found out that the next free event is on Saturday, it’s the walking race. Most of the route is unticketed. I will go to that. Pheeewwwww! And that way I can get a photo at least, unlike the cycling, where I just got blurry colour streaks and crowds.

Shortly after my hissy fit, I turned off Archway Road into Highgate Wood and was plunged from slightly run-down high street into deep woods, full of animal sounds and tree varieties. Believe it or not, this wood has been here for hundreds of years. It was mentioned in the Domesday Book in 1087, as ‘Hornsey Woods’. (The Domesday Book, for those who are sure what I’m talking about, was commissioned by William the Conqueror after he had invaded England to find out who owned what land etc.)

Another amazing bit of Highgate Wood trivia is that a Roman kiln was found here recently! This is the section they have in the small cosy visitor’s centre. It was a kiln which had been in use between 140 and 160 AD which was, according to the blurb, the ‘fourth and last phase of the Highgate pottery sequence’… Don’t ask me what the first three phases of the Highgate pottery sequence are though.


Next to the visitor’s centre is a playing field where Rod Stewart used to play football as a young man. The current football team who play there are not doing so well though. In ‘Tree Top News’, the Highgate Woods newsletter, this season is described as one where ‘the wheels have come off the cart’….!


The woods have been carefully managed and have varieties of birds and bugs that are extremely rare in other parts of London, such as stag beetles (also bred with success on Putney Heath, a destination of another of my walks).

After trying two or three times to leave the park, I finally found a gate and crossed Muswell Hill Road and over into Queen’s Wood, which made Highgate Wood look like an open field. The trees were so tense. Apart from the pathways, I couldn’t see very far into the woods at all. I quickly descended from the busy, loud road, down to the dark spookiness of a deserted paddling pool, which has been fenced around for years apparently. What it is still doing there is a mystery.


Queen’s Wood is alive with tumbling raspberry bushes…


..and beautiful plants which I had never seen before and had no idea of the name of. The trees formed a solid canopy over me with small spots of sunlight breaking gently through. After wandering about marveling at this ancient woodland for a while, I headed out and onto my next point of interest, the Park Road Leisure Centre lido. In I went, paid my £4.50 and asked which direction went to the outdoor pool. The woman behind the desk didn’t seem that bothered whether I was there or not and mildly irritated that I should be asking her anything like the direction to the pool. When I got outside the pool looked huge! I got my camera out and took a few photos…


…when all of a sudden, from my right, a voice yelled “OI! STOP TAKING PHOTOS!” As though I were trying to break out of a maximum security prison unit. What? And who was this person without enough manners to come over and say “Could you stop taking photos please?” instead of yelling from the other side of the pool, as if we’re thuggish teenagers on the street or something. It really threw me, given that on my Highgate walk, everyone was nice as pie and super generous. I was only a few roads away from Highgate… what had happened?

And that’s when I understood what they meant when they described Crouch End as the ‘poor relation’. Ohhh…… That’s what they meant.


I put my phone away and went to the lockers, my lovely day of woodlands and history marred slightly by this unexpected rudeness. I changed and put 20p in the locker and got the key thing out. It was one of those which is attached to a bracelet which you can put around your wrist while you swim. As I tried to put it on, I realised it was broken. Dammit. I went back to the lockers, put the key in and waited for my 20p to come back out so I could put all my stuff in a different locker. But no, the 20p did NOT come back out. It didn’t show any signs of even pretending to come out.

This was going rapidly downhill. The Crouch End/Archway walk now had two black marks against it’s name, within the space of three minutes. It was annoying that it happened there, at the swimming pool. Usually that’s the best bit in my day. Especially on a day out and being in a different pool, it’s exciting. This swimming pool incident was not exciting.

Eventually I got in the (freezing) pool and started swimming. As it’s much bigger than the outdoor pool I usually swim in and there were no little markers between any lanes, I had no way to tell where I was or which direction I was moving in when I was doing backstroke. Hence I proceeded to swim all over the place like an idiot. You’d think I was allergic to straight lines or something.

In the following diagram, I am the one at the top, ready to set off from the side of the pool. The person below me is a man who can swim in a straight line and must have been very annoyed/amused having to share the pool with such a moron.

After my first right turn, I heard shouting and looked up (the blob on the picture) and the lifeguard woman was shouting at me, “Wrong way! You’re going the wrong way!”

“Thanks!” I shouted back, embarrassed and corrected myself. Just before I got to the edge of the pool, I checked again to see if I was going in the right direction. I was. So I leant back again and did a few more strokes to get to the edge of the pool. And a few more. And a few more again. Somehow, after checking my direction, I had turned widthways and was swimming across the pool instead of up and down it.

After this shambles of a length, I reverted to breast stroke for the remainder of my swim. At least I could see where I was going then. It was a really lovely pool actually. Shame about my first few minutes there being quite rubbish. As I left, I went to the woman at the desk and politely told her a made-up story about being a new resident in the area, I love swimming, I swim every day, I was looking for a new pool to go to every day, being yelled at by the lifeguards was not the nicest way to be welcomed, I had lost my 20p in the locker and while none of this was major or life-threatening and while I was not one to make complaints usually, I just thought I’d say that this had been a distinctly unpleasant first visit and I was quite disappointed. She said sorry and that she’d talk to the lifeguard but then again, she was the person who had been annoyed when I asked her how to get to the outdoor pool so I didn’t think she cared that much. “It’s ok, it’s not your fault,” I said, more graciously than I felt, and left to continue my walk.


I headed to Crouch End Broadway and found bakeries with lovely looking treats and more bookshops, which I didn’t go in. It was hard though. I stayed on this road past the clock tower and just kept going, passing a school called Coleridge Primary School! He was everywhere up here. I even saw an old old fountain with a quote from him on it. I passed Faraday House, as in Michael Faraday, the scientist. He used to stay in the area a lot too.

I soon found myself out on top of Archway Bridge and it looked much higher up than it had looked when I was down on the road, looking up at it. The view into London was amazing. Again, it doesn’t translate onto a photograph very well but here it is. You can see some of the tall buildings like the Gherkin and the Shard, that were in my photo taken from the viewpoint on Hampstead Heath.

After this, it was time to repay some of my debts. I crossed the bridge and continued down the road, coming out opposite Waterlow Park, which I had passed at the beginning of my last walk here. Turning right, I reached the bookshop in a minute or so. If anyone has forgotten, I bought some books in this bookshop which cost £23.95 but I only had £23.75. The woman wouldn’t let me pay by card, but said I could just bring her the 20p later. I didn’t get back to the shop before going home and haven’t been in North London again since. I felt pretty rubbish about promising to bring it back then not doing so. So I was back to keep my promise. As I entered the shop, the woman was sitting behind the desk.

“Hi, I was here about three weeks ago…” I started.

“O! And you’re back! How lovely!”

I was amazed. She remembered me. She knew exactly what I was talking about when I started to explain.

“Yes,” I said, “I’ve brought the 20p, sorry it’s taken so long!”

She was lovely about it, said hadn’t been thinking about it and thank you for coming by again.

After this, I headed down Highgate Hill and back to Archway station and home, to sit around thinking about how disappointed I was about missing the Lympits triathlon.

Search terms

These are things that people have searched for on the internet and ended up at my blog. Some of them must have been gutted as they were clearly looking for some important information and got me instead…

chocolate keys 60 count
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