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Search terms 10

I do love visiting the search terms sections on my stats page. There is always something hilariously puzzling to be found which sets my mind to wondering how disappointed certain people must have been when they arrived at my site. The person who wanted Che Guevara Everton t-shirts for example, would have found nothing of the sort here. The only clothing I can remember writing about was a Christmas jumper with polar bears and penguins on it. A poor second when you want a Che Guevara Everton t-shirt, whatever one of those is. I’m also not sure Danda lemongrass is but I know there’s none on sale¬†here,¬†unfortunately. Sorry, members of the public. I know I’m usually the first port of call for this stuff but I’ve got nothing of the lemongrass variety today.

history of woolton shops
armless with empty sleeves
london eye chairoplanes
swim gods
benjamin spence sculpture highland mary archives
wells and walsingham light railway dogs
pink champagne when having barbecue
the weather is hot
pub quiz lottery
kingston university shit
still house ham house
waltham place garden
goats cheese carlisle shop
st. winifred’s well to basingwerk walk
william vavasour
was joni mitchell anorexic
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biege droppings on my car
"went to see the rocky horror show" wordpress
backstreet boys wrapping paper
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best swimming stroke for bingo wings
danda lemongrass on sale
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why is the peddars way called peddars
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che guevara everton t shirts
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"deconstructed beef wellington recipe"
what does it mean if i always half read books
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