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Things that bother me but shouldn’t

Ok, the alphabet is finished! It was great fun actually and I’ll probably theme my next few blogs, I just have to figure out a good theme. For today, I’ll just talk nonsense. Not so much different to usual then!

So these things really bother me although I’m well aware of how unreasonable it is and that I shouldn’t spend any energy thinking about them, but I do, alright?


When I pull a cleaning wipe out of the box and there’s loads sticking out afterwards. I like there to just be a tiny tuft of the next wipe to grab onto.

Having to use more than one bowl to mix things for a cake.

Drawers being left slightly open.

Little bits of ground coffee falling into an espresso while I’m making coffee.

The cutlery being left to dry with the handle up. It needs to be handle down or you get drip marks.

Washing not being hung out to dry properly.

Stuff getting in my way when I’m stretching out my arms doing yoga.

Getting a wet sleeve.

Having to wait more than 3 seconds for the computer to load something up.

Plastic plants.

Avril Lavigne.

P.S 24 days till exams. I’m still revising murder for criminal law.