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Things Mimi says

Some of you may remember my colleague, Mimi, from the day she fell off a stepladder at work or the time we hugged goodbye after our shift. Mimi’s a straight-talkin kinda gal. She don’t take no nonsense. And she speaks her mind. It often makes for much fun at work. Here are just a few examples of the things she says.

Me: Can I get a Californian club on granary bread please?
Mimi: You sounded like a dalek then.
Me: Alright.
*a minute later, Mimi’s face appears from out of the kitchen*
Mimi: Laura, what was that order?
Me: (laughing) Have you forgotten it already? I only just gave it to you!
Mimi: I know but I was thinking about daleks.

Manager: I got this new top in town. What do you think?
Other staff: Oo, nice! Lovely.
Me: I like the pattern around the neck.
Customer: O, nice colour! It’ll suit you.
Mimi: It looks cheap.

Me: Bees are so amazing.
Mimi: O, alright! Enough about the bees!
(I had mentioned them once.)

Mimi: O no! Kitchen bogies!
Me: What are kitchen bogies?
Mimi: When you’ve been in the kitchen all day cooking so your bogies look wierd.
Me: Ummm…

Mimi: I’m going to be a lady for my new year’s resolution. I’m not ladylike enough. So I’m going to be a lady from now on.
*three minutes later*
Mimi: (burps)

L is for…


Now, there’s a lot of love between my colleague, Mimi, and I. You might be wondering if you remember the name Mimi from a previous post. And you would be right. For it is Mimi of Falling For You fame. Tabasco-breast Mimi, if you will.

Now Mimi is like my long lost sister. Ish. Kind of. Our surnames are a bit similar and our signatures are similar too. So you see, a lot of love.

After a few months of working together, we were on a shift one day and it was handover time. At 3pm, the evening shift starts and the morning shift finishes. It was at this point that a company who delivers our packaging decided to bring everything we had ordered for that week. As there was loads of stuff, I told the evening shift person I would stay to unpack it, save them trying to do that plus everything else you need to do on an evening shift.

As I got started, I clamoured over all the boxes and was kind of wedged in with my back to the big fridge, unpacking stuff. Mimi, with her coat on ready to go, leaned toward me with one arm outstretched.

O, we’ve reached that stage in our relationship, have we? I thought, as I responded to the invitation to hug. This is nice. This is how we say goodbye now.

I really went for it actually, embracing Mimi and knowing that this was a significant moment for us. We were now, officially, best friends. (Mimi says I was a bit like a limpit, clinging onto her.)

A pause followed. Then Mimi spoke.

“Get off. I’m trying to get to the fridge.”

“O, I thought you were… I thought you were saying bye.”

She laughed vigorously, assured me that she wasn’t going in for a hug and could I please move cause she needed to get the fridge.

Hurriedly, I unclamped and stepped aside a little, while she put something away in the fridge and bustled out, saying bye as usual.

I’ve not tried the goodbye hug again. But still, there’s a lot of love.