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A is for….

I’ve decided to take on a bit of a theme for the next few (26 to be exact) posts. I was reading about something yesterday called ‘Blogging from A to Z’ ( which runs for the month of April. You post every day from the 1st, missing out Sundays and ending up with the last post on April 30th. You start at A and do a letter for each post. As I hate to miss a day and it’s clearly not April 1st anymore, I’m starting today and going to do it every day. So maybe I’ve missed the boat and everyone else is up to H or something. O well. Here goes!

A is for… AVIATION

Does anyone else fly in their dreams? I do. All the time. In fact, when I enter dream world, it’s just an ordinary state for me. I don’t even marvel at my ability anymore. I just take off and go.

Actually,. it hasn’t always been like that. When I was much younger, probably only 8 years old, I had these dreams where I could fly around the house, at ceiling level downstairs. But when I stood at the bottom of the stairs and tried fly uphill, I couldn’t. I had something called ‘Peter Pan dust’ in my dream and I would take a sprinkle and throw it over myself, loads and loads of it, but I just couldn’t fly up the stairs. Frustrating.

As I grew up, the dreams changed. I could fly if I took a run-up. One time I was in a building with pews, but it was more like a school than a church. And I was running down the middle and trying to get away by flying, but a big crowd was running after me and kept grabbing my feet and pulling me back to the ground before I could get away.

Then there were lots of dreams in which I was just flying places as a mode of transportation, instead of walking. Then in a more recent one, I was teaching people to fly. I was standing still in a room, surrounded by teenagers, talking them through it, then just taking off from standing still, no run up needed anymore. So I must be getting pretty good at it. If my dreams are anything to go by, flying is amazing. Do you think technology will move fast enough for me to be able fly anytime soon?

I saw a programme the other day which had a bird’s eye view of New York because they’d strapped a little camera onto a bird. I was so jealous.

“Thanks Driver!”

“Thanks Driver!”

What is this about? I’ve always thought it was ridiculous. People getting off the bus, shouting their thanks by calling the driver by his job. Why just bus drivers? If I was in work and I made someone a coffee and they pottered off with it in their hands and said “Thanks Barista!” I definitely wouldn’t be impressed. It’s my job, not my name! I’m pleased to say that no-one has ever said that to me. I might try it actually, next time I’m in Paperchase, buying someone a birthday card or something, I’ll leave the shop whilst shouting brightly, “Thanks cashier!” I’m pretty sure that’d be really annoying. It’s kind of along the same lines as calling people ‘gays,’ like someone’s entire being can be summed up by one facet of their life or personality.

It’s totally nonsensical to specify, on a bus, who you’re grateful to. It’s not like if you were to just say ‘Thanks’, there might be some confusion as to who you were talking to, with fellow passengers thinking to themselves, “O, she must be talking to me because I was very helpful, sitting here in my seat looking out of the window, during her journey. Yeh, it’s definitely me she means.” You obviously mean the driver, he’s the only person that’s been helpful, by driving you, so just ‘Thanks’ is fine.

Phew, I’ve been thinking about that since I was about 12 when I used to get the bus home from school. It’s good to finally get it off my chest.