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It’s that time again, time to have a look at the random nonsense people enter into a search engine before ending up my blog. It’s always good to be aware of nonsense that your blog attracts. The one about women and dogs seems to be fairly standard now but there’s a new one about grannies which has got my interest.

kingston university pgce 2013
kingston university crap
how to get money off next
george michael address
chocolate cake by lewis carroll
woolton 1980
why should we have hobbies in old age
suicide bridge highgate london
liberace plastic surgery
swim gods
wet myself ballet
quarry street woolton john lennon
scarborough fair youth hostel
laura maisey
special pigeon
morrisons price promise overcharging
otterspool park liverpool transvestite
graham potter tebay cumbria
wellies swimming
is there a cow on peppa pig
vera danchakoff
name of lemon and ice on capri
midday paris courses
granny tits belly button hangers
swim every day bingo wings
volunteer ham house
picking up a ball with toes
rejected kingston university
st dyfnog jesse window basingwerk
do transvestites love wellies

Well, I sincerely hope all these people found the answers they were looking for at my humble little blog….