Vegetable chat

Pretext to this conversation = I have been foraging once. Once.

This is a conversation I had with some of the other volunteers yesterday at Ham House.

Volunteer 1: “Oo, this asparagus is huge! Is it from the kitchen garden?”

Me: “Yeh. The gardeners just brought it over. It’s amazing, isn’t it?”


Volunteer 2: “I don’t know how they’ve got it so soon either. The warm weather hasn’t been here long.”

Volunteer 1: “The cabbage in my vegetable patch has only just put in an appearance and my cherry tomatoes are yet to arrive.”

Volunteer 2: “Mine have only just started to grow and are still really small.”

Me: “I know what you mean. The long cold winter has meant hardly anything has grown.”

Volunteer 2: “Yeh.”

Me: “I mean, the best thing I’ve found has been nettles, because the winter doesn’t affect them.”

Volunteer 1: “Nettles?”

Me: *all knowledgeable* “Yehhhhh. They’re great. I make nettle soup with them or steam them and have them as a vegetable with my dinner.”

Volunteer 2: “That sounds interesting.”

Me: *super casual* “O, I’m always doing it. It’s so easy. I just come to the river with a glove and a tupperware box. I love it. I forage loads of stuff. Some people call me Madame Forager, actually.”

Volunteer 1: “O, right. What other stuff do you get?”

Me: *panic* “O, there’s loads of things about. Loads. Edible flowers… Sorrel…. Nettles….”

Volunteer 2: “Wow, that’s brilliant.”

Me: “It is, yeh. I love it.”

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  1. Yeah, you go, girl!


  2. Posted by jumeirajames on May 10, 2013 at 12:30

    How big does Asparagus grow? Maybe we just get the baby ones?


    • Posted by Rambler5319 on May 10, 2013 at 16:16

      I saw a prog in UK once where they showed asparagus being picked and those doing it were told only to cut stalks that had grown to a certain height. They were way smaller than the one in the pic here. I suppose you could say it’s economics – get it picked and get it sold. They don’t let it get massive.


    • Yeh, I didn’t realise it grows so massive either! I’m not sure if they’re being picked really small or if different types grow to different sizes?


  3. I have been catching up on your recent posts – a bit busy of late – and I am ever so envious about your volunteering at Ham House. You are fulfilling my dream of “living” in a stately mansion at some point in my life (never mind the drafts and the plumbing). Search as I might, no such options over here. Just regular museums..


    • O no! That’s sad. I love pretending I live in Ham House. When I’m finishing up and the lights have been turned off and I’m tidying, I pretend its my house!


  4. Posted by Ani Danelz on May 11, 2013 at 19:04

    I just went on my first foraging adventure yesterday and gathered a bunch of dandelion greens and a few fiddleheads. I made dandelion green huevos rancheros (AMAZING) and the post [with recipe] is on my blog. I will have to look into nettles and see if they grow around me 🙂


    • Omygoodness, what a genius idea with the dandelions! I’ll try gathering some of those on my next foraging adventure. I’ll be checking that recipe out too! Thanks for the idea 🙂


  5. Posted by Our Adventure in Croatia on May 13, 2013 at 06:26

    yes nettle is used in Italy also. to make soup and frittata


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