The life I almost had – Part 2

Another of my childhood dreams was to be a writer.

I was always scribbling a little story. My early attempts were on one of those old computers with a black screen and the letters came up in illuminous green. I’d have the Bible open next to me (why the Bible, I’m not sure. Maybe because there was no ‘author’s’ name on it so I thought it was ok) and would painstakingly, with one finger, copy out the story of Mary and Joseph and the birth of Jesus, word for word. Not seeing anything wrong with it, I told people I was ‘writing a story on my Dad’s computer.’ The idea of copyright had yet to appear in my world, clearly.

I also distinctly remember writing out the Noah’s ark story and drawing little pictures and showing it to my next door neighbour, telling her that I was going to be a writer and didn’t she think I was good at it?!

Shortly after reading A Little Princess, I started writing a story about a poor girl who works in a big house and makes friends with the rich girl who lives there and they save money together. That’s as far as I got with it, I think.

When I first fancied a boy at Youth Club, I wrote a story full of teenage angst and unrequited love. It was called “Just Fine!” (or was it “Just Great!”? I can’t remember). It was planned as the first book of a trilogy. The second book was to be about them getting together and the third about her and the boy being separated and having to maintain their ‘relationship’ through letter writing. I’m honestly surprised no-one snapped that up. It’s definitely the work of a genius. Similar to the Lord of The Rings trilogy, maybe.

When my parents separated, I wrote a story about a girl who’s parents had separated. Inspired.

Anyway, soon after all this, I had to put my literary dreams on hold as I got caught up in the all-consuming business of planning my pop career.

4 responses to this post.

  1. It’s so cool to hear little stories like this one from people’s lives.


  2. […] to do. I had played with different careers in my mind – popstardom beckoned at one point, the literary life at another, not to mention my brush with TV presenting […]


  3. […] maybe if I hit 40 and I’ve not achieved worldwide domination of the music charts or become a bestselling author, I know I’ve got that to fall back on. It’s always good to have a back up […]


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