Going au naturel

When I was living in Namibia, a friend who was super cool grew her body hair and didn’t shave and she was great. She was au naturel and I wanted to be just like her.

So I came back to England in winter and decided to be au naturel and cool. I had not thought about the fact that my friend was being au naturel in summer in Namibia. Because it was winter, I was wearing tights and leggings a lot. Tight things on your legs when your legs are waaaaaay hairy is itchy in the extreme! I was constantly shifting and fidgeting with my tights, itching and scratching. I started to get little red rashy bits where the hair had been pressed into a pair of tights at the wrong angle.

The armpits. Well, the armpits were a constant problem. I get hot much quicker than I get cold, anyway. So even though it was winter, I’d be sweating up a storm under my jumper. I was constantly showering to stop from getting too stinky.

It was all very awkward and complicated. Lots of itching and sweating. NOT what I’d signed up for! Why wasn’t I the picture of au naturel and coolness? Why weren’t girls looking at me and thinking how admirable it was that I was being true to my body and its natural form? But no, I was the sweaty itchy kid in the corner with leg rashes who dreamed of taking a razor to it all….

Eventually, I did it. I just did it. It felt great! I was smooth and fuss-free and happy.

So I’m sorry, world. I tried.

I tried. And I failed.

And now I swim. So there is no way I can be mega hairy and preparing for Brazil 2016. Everyone knows you need to be streamlined so you can go faster. Unfortunately that’s what it comes down to. So I have to follow my Olympic dreams and that’s just how it’s got to be. Alright?

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  1. Posted by Alex Jones on September 4, 2012 at 06:16

    Men can get away with being au naturel 🙂


  2. Posted by oldmarion on September 4, 2012 at 07:51

    For the first forty years of my life I did not shave my legs! The hair remained fine and only ever below the knee. Luckily it was also fair hair. There were no itches because my skin was used to it I guess. Then I discovered the Epilator. Keen to regain my youth, I ripped the hair off. The subsequent red rash horrified me, but I had begun, so I had to continue. My hair is still fine but darker and thicker! My skin no longer reacts to the treatment but it itches if i dont do it, just st you describe! The moral? Don’t even start!


    • Yeh, I remember I would always ask my Mum when I was younger, whether I could start shaving my legs and she always said that to me, about not starting because you can’t turn back then, you’re stuck doing it forever. But I insisted and sure enough, I’ve been bound by it ever since!


  3. When I played field-hockey in high school, my teammates and I decided to go “au natural” when playoffs started. Because we kept winning and advancing to the next round, we didn’t shave for about one month. It was cool because we all did it together, and it definitely cut down on shower time! 😉


    • That sounds like a great idea. I probably would have had a better experience if I’d done it in summer and was outside playing sport. Hairy legs under tights in winter is not great!


  4. I am a firm believer in shaving off any hair that isn’t on my head.


  5. Hi there, cute post! I also have tried the au naturel thing. I seem to see-saw in my attitude toward armpit hair, between “it’s sensual and natural” and “that looks revolting!”
    I’m pretty new to the blogging community, would you like to check out my newest post? I’d love your feedback, but no pressure.



    • I’ll definitely check your post out. Welcome to the blogging world. I’ve only been here six months but because I post every morning it feels like much longer! Thanks for stopping by.


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