Possible Downton Abbey spinoff shows

Downton Crabby
In which all the grumpiest characters get together and moan about the English weather and the state of the country and how it’s ‘going to the dogs.’

Downton Flabby
In which everyone admits that they have let themselves go a bit and they pair up to compete in a kind of Biggest Loser competition, with Cousin Violet being the Davina McCall type presenter. Mr Bates and Anna would be the personal trainers. My money would be on Mrs Pattmore to win.

Downton Snobby
In which Mary critiques members of the plebian masses and explains why she doesn’t like them. Kind of like a What Not To Wear type programme.

Downton Tabby
In which all the characters are played by cats instead of humans.

Downton Shabby
In which a swarm of moths attack the wardrobes at Downton Abbey and lay their eggs inside the fancy dresses. Cousin Violet has to patch up her dresses with old curtains to avoid showing her bum cheek at dinner.

Downton Cabby
In which they fall on hard times so pool together to buy a second hand taxi and each do shifts waiting on the rank down at the train station.

Downton Abe
In which everyone decides to convert to Judaism as they’ve heard the food is great and they’re ravenous after their stint on Downton Flabby.

Downton Jabby
In which they all go down to the hospital to get their flu jabs done.

Downton Nappy
In which all the characters are played by babies who talk gibberish, snatch the toys from each and cry for their mums. Biting is their main form of communication.

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  1. Lol, actually I think the Downtown Cabby one could actually work, I think.

    Great post, thanks for sharing.


  2. Oh, I would *so* watch Downton Flabby and Downton Snobby. You should send these ideas in!


    • I reckon Downton Flabby could be quite good watching. Lord Grantham would have a fliddy at the end of the training course and lay on the floor in protest, refusing to go to the weigh in.


  3. I thought of:
    Downton Plebby where everyone is working class or lower working class
    Downton Blobby where everyone dresses in pink suits with spots on and keep bumping into each other
    Downton Robby where all the parts are played by Robbie Williams
    Downton Sobby where everyone cries a lot
    Downton Nippy where the prog is set in the polar regions of the Arctic with igloos and ice-houses on the set
    Am sure there must be more!


    • All of these are amazing! There are a wealth of things we can do with this.


      • Another couple for you:
        Downton Hippy where all the men have long hair and all the women have long dresses with flowers in their hair. The high point is when they do an episode in San Francisco!
        Downton Yobby where they all behave very badly
        Downton Fibby where they all tell lies so you don’t know what’s going on.

  4. Hmm, about 3 I would, at least, watch a few episodes of!


  5. Posted by Alex Jones on December 27, 2012 at 19:40

    Victor Meldew would make a great character on Downton Crabby.


  6. Choked laughing from Downton Shabby.


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