Supper Club: round two.

Tonight, I had one of the most relaxed days at work that I have ever known, whilst feeding 23 people canapes, three courses and nibbles afterward. For two days previously, we had prepped like crazy so while waiting for the urgency to kick in on the night, instead everything just ticked over like clockwork and Ham House’s second Supper Club went fabulously.


You’ll have to forgive me for the lack of photos. I did better than last time but still missed stuff.

So the canapés consisted of mini omelettes topped with red onion marmalade and Wensleydale, gazpacho shots with cucumber, marinated olives and falafels with a mint yoghurt dip.


The starters were a warm asparagus salad….


….and a Jerusalem artichoke and hazelnut soup dressed with black truffle oil and beetroot powder.


The mains was then a mixture of salads. Pink coleslaw….


….a ratatouille….


…and daupinoise stacks. For the stars of the show, we made pulled pork with a mustard and maple syrup sauce that was phenomenal. We also served a spinach and mushroom roulade with the mains.

For dessert, we made a garden fruit and frangipane tart with caramelised plums and double cream then finished the evening off with a few sweet nibbles.


The compliments were plenty and the happiness level was fairly high, both in the restaurant and in the kitchen.

And that was what I did tonight. What did you do?

8 responses to this post.

  1. Seriously, will you adopt me? I’ll do the dishes.


  2. Looks and sounds wonderful! Too bad there’s no such thing as scratch-and-sniff on the internet – or better yet, scoop-and-taste!


  3. Posted by racheve on February 16, 2014 at 10:33

    All looks delicious!!


  4. […] Supper Club event at Ham House. While not being afforded the luxury of prep time that we had at Supper Club number two, we still completed the task efficiently. My photo-taking was sadly few and far between so I will […]


  5. OMG that seriously looks so yummy x


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